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Jon Rickard

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What Is The Aloha Spirit?

The Aloha Spirit is the alliance of one’s mind, heart, and soul, evident by thinking good thoughts, performing with good feelings and sharing goodness with others. Our kupuna (elder), Mrs. Pilahi Paki, taught us that the letters of Aloha help to remind us of its meaning:



Lit., careful offering
Kindness, modesty, gentleness
Unpretentiousness, being unassuming,
Unobtrusive, tenderness



Lit., to obtain oneness
Unity, agreement, accord,
Unison, harmony



Lit., cool, refreshing
Agreeable, pleasantness, amiability,
Contentment, happiness, graciousness,
Congeniality, cordiality, affability



Lit, low
Humility, humbleness, modesty



Lit, great breath
Patience, persistence, courage, stamina

In reality, The Aloha Spirit is beyond description. Like a sunset or God, Aloha must be experienced. However, one word gets close:


Lit, good insides
Goodwill, good disposition, generosity,
grace, charity, loving kindness



How does a man go from a college degree in General Tropical Agriculture and a career in sales and marketing to become the owner of a thriving locksmith business? That’s an interesting story. During the Vietnam War, Jon joined the Naval Reserve and ended up serving as the ranking NCO loading LST’s with supplies for troops upriver in Vietnam. When he returned to his home in Hawaii, he finished his education at the University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture with a BS degree in General Tropical Agriculture and a minor in Marketing.

Although Jon never became the small crop farmer of his first intentions, his degree did bring him a number of different opportunities in sales and marketing management before he started his present career. After working as General Manager for Icee of Hawaii for five years, he was transferred to California, and he and his wife, Micki, made Temecula their home base.

Jon’s career in sales and marketing took him through several positions. After working in sales for a gas grill manufacturing company, he moved on to become Director of Sales and Marketing, covering the whole United States, for another manufacturer of gas grills. That later led to the position of Sales Manager for a company that repairs aeronautical parts.

After having always worked in sales and marketing, Jon was surprised when he tried a basic course in locksmithing and discovered that he has the manual dexterity, mechanical ability, and problem-solving skills necessary for working with locks. That set him off on a whole new life track. Jon took all the necessary courses and started working as a contract locksmith from his home in Temecula in November 2001. Then Micki accepted a position as a Sales Manager for a beachfront hotel in Oxnard, CA, so they moved here the next year.  In March 2012, Micki left her corporate position and joined the “family business”, responsible for sales and marketing.

Aloha Locksmith now serves all eleven cities in Ventura County.  Jon is licensed, bonded, and insured and has found his niche as a residential and commercial locksmith serving real estate and property management clients.  He always approaches his work with the “Aloha Spirit,” a Hawaiian credo based on honesty, harmony, courtesy, humility, patience, and persistence.

Jon and Micki believe in giving back to their community. They are members of the Port Hueneme Chamber of Commerce, East Ventura Kiwanis Club and regularly support Food Share, the Boys and Girls Club of Port Hueneme, the Ventura County Humane Society and other charitable organizations.  Such well-rounded people have much to offer our community.

Jon was selected as the Port Hueneme Chamber of Commerce 2008 Business Person of the year.

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