Street Racing is a Zero Tolerance Activity in Simi Valley

Stan Rector
Published on October 17, 2017

Street Racing is a Zero Tolerance Activity in Simi Valley


Drag Racing Enforcement In Simi Valley

On 10/13/17 Officer David Scher was waiting in the dark in the area of Hillside Middle School along Fitzgerald Road in Simi Valley. His police car lights were turned off, but his engine was running. This area has received complaints from numerous residents about drag racing late at night and errant drivers “doing donuts” in the intersections. The speed limit in the area is posted at 35 miles per hour.

Just after 11:00 P.M., Officer Scher observed a Chevy Camaro and a Pontiac Firebird line up at a stop sign. The residential street, lined with houses on both sides was quiet. Engines roared and the vehicles both accelerated simultaneously at a high rate of speed, passing Hillside Middle School swiftly and recklessly.

Officer Scher’s police car reached high speeds trying to capture the drivers as the two vehicles sped away from him in excess of 70 miles per hour. He stopped both of them at Erringer Road and Arcane Street. The drivers were each arrested for Section 23109(a) of the Vehicle Code, engaged in a speed contest or “drag racing”. The two cars were impounded for a mandatory 30-day time period.

Although the drivers are not being identified, both have poor driving records. One has 2 prior collisions and a speeding citation in 2017. The other has prior convictions for speeding, DUI, and one collision. One driver is a Simi Valley resident and the other a Thousand Oaks resident.

The Simi Valley Police Department has a “zero-tolerance” stance on racing vehicles. In just the past week, several people have been severely injured or killed in racing incidents across southern California. We encourage our residents to call us and provide license plates of the racing vehicles if possible, for future follow-up with those drivers who engage in this dangerous activity. Speed contests are misdemeanor violations and involved drivers not only face arrest but may have their vehicles impounded for 30-days.

The law also allows for police agencies to forfeit vehicles and have them crushed, but this drastic measure has not been pursued in Ventura County, yet.

Simi Valley Police Department
3901 Alamo St
Simi Valley, CA 93063

Emergency: 9-1-1
Non-emergencies: 805-583-6950

Robert Arabian
Traffic Bureau
[email protected]

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