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Simi Valley is one of the most sought-after real estate suburbs in the San Fernando-adjacent areas. Conveniently located close to the Los Angeles county line, the area offers quick transportation to work while still maintaining a relaxed vibe unique to the Rancho Conejo valley communities. It is an amazing place to live! Located 42 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, the gorgeous area provides a loose urban atmosphere separate from the often hectic environment LA. Whether you’re already a California local wanting a change of scenery or looking to move to California for the first time, Simi Valley is the perfect place for you.

Simi Valley Homes

Sensibly priced and nestled close to many natural and historical landmarks

Simi Valley is a great place to live for folks who want affordable luxury in a residential atmosphere. Homes for sale in the area fall in different price ranges according to the community. Before you choose your Simi Valley abode, you want to be sure that the community is a great fit for your lifestyle. The area is regarded as one the safest cities to live, with a low crime rate and proactive municipality. Wood Ranch is one of the largest communities in the area and offers many homes that are newly built in various housing styles. Other popular residential areas include Texas TractIndian Hills and Big Sky.

Beautiful landscapes and exceptional weather accompany residents throughout the year. Average temperatures range from the high 40’s to the low 80’s and rarely deviate, allowing residents to live comfortably year round.

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Friendly neighbors, nice weather, and a wide range of available homes to buy.

Here are some things that residents have to say about living in Simi Valley.

  • Many banks, supermarkets, hospitals, department stores, movie theaters, and restaurants are accessible without a car.
  • Proximity to Chatsworth, Northridge, Topanga Canyon, Porter Ranch, Woodland Hills and other Los Angeles County areas.
  • People are friendly and relaxed.
  • Easy access to the 23 freeway, 118 freeway, and the 101 freeway.
  • About a 1-hour commute to Malibu beach, 2-hour commute to skiing in Big Bear.
  • Many home plots afford spectacular panoramic views and nearby hiking trails.
  • A family-friendly community that celebrates Simi Valley Days, Fourth of July celebrations and street festivals. This is a great place to raise children and teens.
  • The area has a low crime rate and is one of the safest cities to live in southern California.
  • The weather is generally pleasant and mild.
  • The area has numerous equestrian trails for horseback riding.
  • Many luxurious golf courses in the area


The area offers a unique experience ranging from beautiful nature trails to exciting nightlife. Whether your looking to dance away the weekend and sing karaoke to your favorite songs or take a relaxing walk through the wonderful California landscape, this valley has it all.  Check out some of the top attractions the area has to offer!

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