“As Top Producing Real Estate Professionals, we understand what it takes to make sure you have a great buying or selling experience.  With the managing, marketing and operating portion of our business running flawlessly, this has given us the opportunity to make the core of our business, YOU, our client.  Not just helping you buy or sell a home or investment property, but having a strong core means continually devoting our time and energy to focus on YOUR goals, educating YOU to make sound decisions, offering YOU options and providing YOU the excellent service YOU deserve and expect!

Family First…

As proud parents of a grown daughter, our strongest passions are to LEARN the strategies needed; TEACH the knowledge required; and PROVIDE the resources necessary to help those closest to us continue to grow and enrich their lives.  We believe our personal and professional strengths are what guide us to having such a successful understanding of our client’s needs.  We credit our strong and trusting relationship with our family for having the PATIENCE, LISTENING, and OPEN COMMUNICATION skills needed to help you reach your goals when buying or selling a home.  When combining these strengths with our ability to effectively PLAN, PRIORITIZE and SOLVE problems with creative solutions in an ever-changing environment, we believe we make for the right choice in your next real estate transaction.

Making the First Step…

The decision to buy, sell or invest in real estate is never an easy decision to make.  Understanding that there are many factors that affect one’s desire to buy or sell, we provide the knowledge you need in order for you to “make the first step” and continue to help you make the decisions that are best for your individual situation. This is very important when dealing with such a large emotional and financial decision. Over the years we’ve learned that in order for a real estate transaction to be successful, it’s not just about ‘closing the deal’.  It’s about providing enough information for you to make an educated decision… one you feel comfortable making.  Once that decision is made, we feel we’ve earned your trust and can then do what you’ve hired us to do.  So, whether we represent you as a first time home buyer; or you’re seeking fair and ethical representation while selling your home, we look forward to helping you Make the First Step!

The Importance of a Team…

With so many details to adhere to in a real estate transaction, it’s nearly impossible and very impractical for us to do it all ourselves.  Because of this, we emphasize on using only the best services the real estate industry has to offer.  With the help of a very strong supportive Team, including a full staff, escrow company, title company, home warranty company, preferred lender, and dozens of reputable vendors including inspection companies, disclosure companies, moving companies, contractors & more… our goal is to make sure every aspect of your real estate transaction runs smoothly…  Making follow up and communication our #1 priority!

Helping you get from where you are to where you want to be!

We know that you have a very specific set of needs and desires that are compelling you to make your next move.  That’s why we pride ourselves on discovering what’s important to you and use our knowledge and years of experience to make recommendations unique to your individual situation.

Whether we’re previewing homes for you, scheduling & mapping home tours, analyzing comparable homes, dissecting sales data, marketing your home or overseeing every detail in your real estate transaction, the one thing you can count on is that we will stay true to helping you make the right decision.


  • We make your home search or home sale as stress-free and exciting as possible
  • We remain honest and ethical in everything we say and do
  • We return phone calls, emails & text messages and deliver information to you promptly
  • We help you avoid costly mistakes and help prevent you from going through any one of the “88 Points of Turbulence”
  • We protect your best interests EVERY STEP OF THE WAY
  • We prepare you for what to expect before, during and after your home buying or home selling process
  • We provide you with an experience that is so extraordinary, you’ll want to tell all your friends and family about it!


  • Is this your first home and you’re excited to finally have the opportunity that home ownership brings?
  • Are you selling your home and moving to something that better suits your lifestyle?
  • Are you relocating to or from our area?
  • Are you’re looking to buy a home (or several) to add to your real estate portfolio?
  • Are you buying the luxury home you’ve always dreamed about?

So, whether it’s your first home and you’re excited to finally have the opportunity that home ownership brings OR you’re selling your home and upsizing or downsizing to something that better suits your lifestyle OR you’re looking to buy a home (or several) to add to your real estate portfolio OR you’re buying the luxury home you’ve always wanted to live in and retire in… we hope you choose us to listen to your needs and help you get from where you are, to where you want to be!”