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3262 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd #200, Westlake Village, CA 91362



Sam C Manfredi

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About Manifredi Levine Attorneys

Manfredi, Levine, Eccles, Miller and Lanson, APC is a professional law firm established in 1981. Our focus includes Real Estate, Litigation, Corporate, Landlord Tenant, and Personal Injury.

The firm consists of eight attorneys, with the partners being Sam C. Manfredi, Ronald B. Levine, Matthew R. Eccles, Mark F. Miller, and Don E. Lanson.   In all matters, at least one of these partners is designated as the relationship partner for assuring cost effectiveness and appropriate staffing. We desire to forge a strong working relationship between the client and the relationship partner.

Manfredi, Levine, Eccles, Miller & Lanson is goal oriented.  We help clients to identify and achieve their specific goals in real estate or business transactions, negotiations and litigation.  The firm is equipped to produce monthly or quarterly case reports setting forth such details as status, fees expended to date, settlement offers and budgeted expenses. The firm can also produce pre-litigation budgets which will provide a preview of the overall strategy and key tactical objectives, as well as an estimate of the fees and expenses. This can be done on all cases, or on a case-by-case basis, depending on the amount at issue and the complexity of the case.

Manfredi, Levine, Eccles, Miller, & Lanson currently provides legal services to numerous insurance carriers and businesses. The firm practices heavily in the Los Angeles and Ventura Courts and maintains offices in Westlake Village, CA.


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