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Runkle Canyon Senior Condos Real Estate Guide is all about letting you in on this new development – part of the Runkle Canyon Specific Plan. The senior living condos are age restricted at 55+ and will be located on the south end of Sequoia Avenue in Simi Valley. The plan calls for 138 condos with 62 units of qualified affordable housing. The expected completion for the project is set for June 10, 2022. The overall community plan, on a 1595-acre site, also calls for 25 detached, estate-sized lots, single-family homes and 298 detached single- family homes on small lots of approximately 7700 square feet. This will be a true “community feel” environment. Continue reading the Runkle Canyon Senior Condos Real Estate Guide – we will explore the area …

About Simi Valley –

Sitting about 40 miles northwest of downtown LA, Simi Valley has found itself ranked as one of the happiest cities in the US! Give folks some wide-open spaces, easy transportation access, good infrastructure, and a laid-back lifestyle … and you get happy right smack in the middle of one of the busiest metropolitan areas in the whole country! Your Runkle Canyon Senior Condos Real Estate Guide truly bills this area as a dream place to live at any stage of life.

Other attributes include: Low crime rates. Low pollution. Affordable housing market. Business friendly and entrepreneur friendly. Mother Nature in full splendor. Let’s continue to explore –

One of the best features of Simi Valley is its location. Your Runkle Canyon Senior Condos Real Estate Guide loves being less than an hour from the ocean, about 25 miles to the Burbank Airport, and LAX is only about 40 miles. Along with air travel, there are also Amtrak and MetroLink rail options. Aside from the public transportation, most residents do rely on personal vehicles as well. Fun fact involves the mountain tunnels in the area – check out the Santa Susana Tunnel, almost a mile and a half long.  Some amazing infrastructure at work!

This Runkle Canyon Senior Condos Real Estate Guide will brag when called for – and, yes, the people here are genuinely nice and friendly! Simi has a reputation as a suburban relaxed town.

About Food!

There is a weekly Farmer’s Market – finest goods around! Simi has both Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods – people here like great options! Then, there is the restaurant scene … food trucks to diners to fine dining – options aplenty. Just for grins, your Runkle Canyon Senior Condos Real Estate Guide will tease you with just 4 different options out of probably over 300 to choose from!

Skiff’s Cakes – ok, it’s not really a restaurant, it is all about cakes and desserts, but sometimes you just have to start with dessert!

Larsen’s Restaurant – a SoCal favorite – upscale steakhouse with a solid wine list and martini making!

The Dugout – a sports grill with all the fixins’ – meaning, great food, drinks, and tv’s for watching all the games.

Junkyard Café – a fun option with amazing food and lots of specials.

About things to do –

With an average of 277 days of sunshine the outdoors calls to lots of residents. Your Runkle Canyon Senior Condos Real Estate Guide is going to give you some pointers, but there is no way to list all the things! Here are some ideas:

City parks – 50 established parks and over 5600 acres of open space you will have oodles of options for playing, hiking, walking, nature viewing, sports, picnics, and all things outside! Each park has its own attributes and vibe – select a park a day for over a month and see what you think!

Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center – enjoy everything from classic plays to new-age musicals to sketch comedy to art galleries to craft fairs.

The most iconic and well-visited place is the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library right in Simi Valley. You will see a replica Oval Office, wonderful exhibits, valuable history lessons, and more.

A true California thing – The Skateboarding Hall of Fame & Museum are in Simi Valley!

As shown by your Runkle Canyon Senior Condos Real Estate Guide Simi Valley was “born” an agricultural area and a movie filming mecca – think Gunsmoke, Mash, Little House on the Prairie, and more! Some fantastic sites to visit to get an “old west” vibe include: Hummingbird Nest Ranch (with views and landscape that will take your breath away) and Corriganville Movie Ranch.

The highest point in Simi Valley is Simi Peak – take the 5.4 mile trail hike (it is difficult, but worth it) and enjoy nature at its finest and fullest.

Overall, the many trails and parks serve to preserve the natural landscape and serve as a protector of the animals and vegetation in the area – again, your Runkle Canyon Senior Condos Real Estate Guide is keen on the infrastructure here!

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