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Sommer Sports Chiropractic

2345 Erringer Rd, Simi Valley, CA 93065

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David Sommer


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About Sommer Sports Chiropractic


Dr. Sommer not only specializes in athletic care but also specializes in disc injury, scoliosis, and all other facets of musculoskeletal injuries. Dr. Sommer also has a physical therapy clinic that is available for pre- and post-surgical care. Dr. Sommer is a team physician for three local high schools and is sought after by many professional athletes for their personal care. Dr. Sommer is also a Simi Valley Hospital Foundation member and works very close with Medical Physicians and surgeons in Simi Valley. Do you have a disc bulge or herniation? We can help. At Sommer Sports Chiropractic, we use Cox Closed Reduction Distraction which is the safest and most documented technique that can reduce the size of a disc injury without Surgery.


Established in 1995.

Being an athlete himself, Dr. Sommer realized the importance of having great athletic health care. His goal of combining the techniques of chiropractic and combining them with athletic & strength training has created an enormous following from residents of Simi Valley and the surrounding communities. “I hear the same story many times over when patients come to my office after being treated by another chiropractor”. ” Patients say that they were just brought into a room, adjusted and then pushed out the door”. “In my clinic, I take each patient and give them the care they deserve”. “It’s my goal not to keep patients coming back to my clinic, but to get them well and return them to their normal, pain-free life”.

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David S.

Dr. Sommer has coached football at the high school level as well as the Simi Valley Vikings. He can also be found on the sidelines of Simi, Royal, and Grace Brethren high school sporting events since he donates his time as a physician and athletic trainer.  Dr. Sommer has recently taken a personal step in athletic injury prevention by starting a Sports Concussion Clinic which will ensure the proper attention is given to suspected sports-related concussions.

Dr. Sommer also enjoys exercising and living a healthy life as well as activities with his family while boating, fishing & camping. Dr. Sommer lives in Simi Valley with his wife and two boys.

Professional affiliations:
* Simi Valley Hospital Foundation Board
* Member, NSCA National Strength & Conditioning Association
* Member, California Chiropractic Assn.
* Member, American Sports Medicine Assn.
* Member, Pro-Sport Chiropractic
* Member, World Sports Medicine Ass

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